• In this session, Lynne will demonstrate how wikis have become an integral part of blended learning at Coonara Community House along with online classrooms and other web 2.0 tools. She will show examples of wikis being used as class websites, a wiki eportfolio, a tutor wiki and one used for committee. She will also touch on how the Discussion forums are being used as assessment tools as well as social chat forums and how easy it is to gather evidence this way. Come along and see what a wiki could do for your organisation!

  • Presenter Lynne Gibb
    lynne2.jpgLynne Gibb is the Coonara Community House e-learning leader. She has been involved with web 2.0 technology for the past six years. She has successfully used wikis to deliver online and blended learning and is passionate about the benefits technology can bring to the classroom. Lynne is currently ementor for the eastern and southern metro regions. In this ementor role, Lynne introduced tutors and managers to a variety of web 2.0 tools.
    She has presented at a number of conferences both online and in person, the most recent being Converge in December 2010. Some others included the ACFE ELearning Show case in Melbourne called “celebrating good practice in elearning in ACE” in March 2009 and at the Connecting Up conference in Sydney in May. Lynne has recently experimented with using wikis and web2 tools for eportfolio development and is happy to share any wiki and other web 2.0 successes and challenges.