Fundamentals of delivery for managers

  • Michael Gwyther and Josie Rose VCAL, VET , ESL
    In this session Michael and Josie will outline some of the e-learning tools and strategies currently available to Learn Local Organisations to support delivery to particular cohorts, such as VET, VCAL and ESL.

  • Eportfolios with Carole McCulloch (online in Elluminate)

    This session will introduce you to electronic portfolios and their importance to you as a teacher/trainer/mentor.
    Coach Carole will step you through the What, Why and How of eportfolios in an easy to understand online workshop where you can see a sample eportfolio being developed in the cloud using Googlesites.

    Carole will also provide up-to-date information on eportfolio systems and their impact for providers. Participants will be able to collect EpCoP flyers on the day (real postcards) and have an opportunity to discuss how they may start their journey into eportfolios to showcase their own lifelong learning achievements; manage their artefacts for courses or RPL processes.

    Finally participants will have opportunities to join the new EpCoP MOOC (massive open online course) in preparation for the workshop online and report on their experiences so far. (Note: the MOOC begins on August 1).

    For more assistance with eportfolios join the EpCoP conversations.

    Presenter Carole McCulloch
    cc.jpgCarole is a Learning Technologist working independently for her business, Her coaching, mentoring and e-learning strategies and news updates are located at her blog: and in her network:

    In 2011 Carole is the efacilitator for the VET Eportfolio Community of Practice funded by the AFLF.
    Carole is the co-designer of ‘Reflect and Connect’ a totally online professional development program delivered in Moodle, Mahara and Elluminate.
    Carole is the co-designer of 'EpCoP MOOC' a massive open online course for eportfolios.

Presenter: Josie Rose
Josie has been the project manager for the ACFE e-learning grant and LearnScope projects for a number of years. She has extensive experience and expertise in e-learning, particularly in the community education sector. Josie currnetly works as the Team Leader: Delvery Innovation at CAE.